The Mission and Vision of our Organization


The Central Valley Dual Language Consortium (CVDLC) was initiated with the mission of supporting local districts in developing exemplary dual language programs in times of intense English only scrutiny brought about by Proposition 227.The Consortium consists of the bilingual faculty of California State University at Stanislaus and the nine dual language schools in our university service area, as well as bilingual/ELL coordinators in the school districts and county offices of education.  We are committed to conducting research and program development for the improvement of teacher preparation and dual language instructional programs.  We are further committed to share this research and program development expertise with our various communities.

CVDLC Mission

CVDLC is devoted to improving dual language education and the pre-service and in-service education of dual language teachers and administrators in the Central Valley. We do this by organizing together all dual language educators who seek to be informed, reflective, and active towards advancing research, practice, and policy for quality dual language education.

CVDLC Vision: 2015-2020

CVDLC is the premier dual language education organization in the Central Valley of California. We advance understanding and practices to advance high quality dual language teachers and teaching.  CVDLC is a fully staffed professional organization that;

(1) Engages its members to become models and leaders for quality dual language teacher preparation and teaching;

(2) Serves as a Research and Development Component

To conduct research for the improvement of Dual Language education;

To share University bilingual faculty expertise related to developing Dual Language programs;

To support the development of student MA theses and projects and Doctoral dissertations focusing on the research and program needs of area Dual Language Programs;

(3) Disseminates Research and Effective Practices of Dual Language Education

To support and facilitate the Annual Central Valley Dual Language Conference;

To support and facilitate the Annual Central Valley Dual Language Parent Conference;

To support and facilitate the Annual Central Valley Dual Language Summer Institute;

To seek external funding to develop our University service area dual language programs.

(4) Increases the number of highly prepared Dual Language teachers.

To support the improvement of the preparation of in-service Dual Language educators;

To increase the quantity and quality of Dual Language student teaching placements in Dual Language Schools;

To improve the preparation of Bilingual/Dual Language pre-service teachers;

To increase the recruitment of Bilingual/Dual Language credential students;

To support primary language reading instruction field experiences at Dual Language schools;

The Central Valley Dual Language Consortium meets on a monthly basis to work on these agreed upon goals. Inquiries regarding the Consortium should be directed to Maria Torres Perez, Consortium President, at

Dr. Juan Flores, Consortium Advisor, can also be reached at Refer to the Consortium leadership webpage for more contact information.