By-Laws of the Consortium

Central Valley Dual Language Consortium Bylaws 

Article I: 

The name of the organization is Central Valley Dual Language Consortium (CVDLC) 

Article II: Mission and Goals 

CVDLC Mission 

The mission of the Central Valley Dual Language Consortium is to provide support in establishing and developing outstanding dual language programs. In partnership with institutions of higher education, Local Education Agencies, and County Offices of Education, we endeavor to promote, strengthen, and advocate the advancement of appropriate dual language instruction with teaching and learning environments that are sustainable and community-based. 

CVDLC Goals 

  1. Conduct/review current research for the improvement of dual language education in conjunction with university MA and doctoral programs. Outcomes: MA thesis, PhD dissertations, district research, institution of higher education grants 
  2. Bridge relationships across all interested communities including but not limited to Local Educational Agencies, County Offices of Education, central valley communities, and education advocates. Outcome: Build capacity for biliteracy/bilingualism through: Professional Development for teachers/administrators, teacher support, outreach and information for parents and families 
  3. Collect, analyze and disseminate data regarding dual immersion programs/bilingualism to support outreach and grant opportunities. Outcomes: 
  • Share data with LEAs for program analysis and improvement 
  • Share data with central valley communities to promote support for dual immersion/bilingualism 
  • Spend time in consortium meetings to collect and analyze data 
  1. Support the pipeline of bilingual educators. Outcomes: 
  • Work with local high schools to promote bilingual education as a career option 
  • Communicate with high school students about the language pathways that lead to BCLAD 
  • Explore the possibility of study abroad as an opportunity to develop academic language and cultural competence 
  • Increase the recruitment of Bilingual/Dual Language credential students; 
  • Work with the university to provide teaching placements for bilingual teachers 
  • Continue to communicate with the university about the needs of the field in regards to bilingual educators 
  • Explore options for summer opportunities (e.g. co-teaching summer school) for future bilingual teachers 
  • Improve the pre-service preparation of bilingual educators 
  • To support primary language reading instruction field experiences at Dual Language schools; 
  • Work with LEAs to identify bilingual teachers who could potentially earn a BCLAD 
  1. Improve the preparation of Bilingual/Dual Language in-service teachers. Outcomes: 
  • Understanding of 

ELA/ELD framework 

Spanish Language Development framework, 

English Learner Roadmap 

Common Core en Espanol 

Dual language models and outcomes 


Extended discourse strategies 

Article III: Membership 

Section 1 – Eligibility. Membership in CVDLC is open to all individuals interested and committed to dual language education in California schools. Section 2 – Membership Fee. CVDLC members join for an annual $10.00 membership fee. Section 3 – Voting Rights. All CVDLC members in good standing may vote for officers.  

Article IV: Officers 

Section 1 – General. Officers for CVDLC are elected by a majority of members and serve a two-year term. Elections take place via electronic voting of the membership. The elected Board members include: 

  • President 
  • President Elect 
  • Treasurer 
  • Secretary 
  • Public Relations Liaison 

CVDLC officers conduct the business of CVDLC in the interim between scheduled meetings. CVDLC officers convene monthly during the year to coordinate and support the work of CVDLC. This work may include the following: membership, newsletters, program planning, supporting focus groups and/or other projects. It is also a responsibility of the Officers to connect and network with other CVDLC members to promote efforts within the mission of the CVDLC. 

Section 2 – Eligibility. All members in good standing of CVDLC are eligible for election as officers and to vote. 

Section 3 – Terms. The terms of each representative shall be for staggered 2 year terms, expiring at the end of the annual CVDLC meeting after election. Elections shall take place as follows: President Elect and Treasurer in the spring and Secretary and Public Relations Liaison in the fall. 

Section 4a – Elected Roles. The following roles shall compose the Representative Committee for the CVDLC. (1) President (2) President Elect (3) Treasurer (4) Secretary (5) Public Relations Liaison 

Section 4b – CVDLC Roundtable – To assure representation of the partner organizations in the Consortium, we have establish the roundtable for leadership from each of the participating School Districts, University, County Office of Education, and parent representatives. The intent is to assure at least one representative from each of the participating organizations and constituent groups. The Roundtable representation is in addition to the elected roles. The institutional fee would be $100. 

Section 5 – Other Roles. Persons to assist these representatives or to carry out the work of the CVDLC may be appointed by the Board. Such positions include any that will best embody the spirit and work that is part of the work of the CVDLC. 

Section 6 – Election Procedures. Each year during the last meeting of the academic year, an elections committee is formed. During that meeting, members of the CVDLC are encouraged to nominate candidates and/or self nominate. Active participation of the widest number of people possible is encouraged. Names of nominees are placed on a ballot. Voting takes place electronically prior to the first meeting of the year. The elections committee tabulates the votes and communicates results to the CVDLC membership during the first meeting of the year. Election will require a majority of the votes cast. 

Article V: Representative Responsibilities – Including but not limited to: 

Section 1 – President. The President has the following responsibilities: 

  • Coordinates and works with the CVDLC board to carry out the work of the organization. 
  • Maintains official contacts with other dual language education associations. 
  • Works with CVDLC Board members on issues and projects related to the Consortium’s mission. 
  • Facilitates meetings with other representatives. 
  • Provides agenda for CVDLC meetings in collaboration with other representatives 

Section 2 – President-Elect. Serves with the President to: 

  • Coordinate and work with the CVDLC board to carry out the work of the Consortium. 
  • Maintain official contacts with other dual language education associations. 
  • Work with CVDLC Board members on issues and projects related to the mission of the CVDLC. 
  • Facilitate meetings with other representatives. 
  • Develop agendas for CVDLC meetings in collaboration with other representatives 
  • Oversee working committees. 
  • Receive and maintain membership list 

Section 3 – Treasurer. The Treasurer has the following responsibilities: 

  • Handles all fiscal matters for the CVDLC and prepares an annual fiscal report. 
  • Helps recruit new members by providing information on website and in other correspondence on processes for joining CVDLC, paying dues, and so on. 

Section 4 – Secretary. The Secretary has the following responsibilities: 

  • Keeps minutes of official meetings 
  • Organizes communications in collaboration with other representatives and the membership at large. 
  • Sends communications and correspondence to the membership email list. *Updates Consortium calendar *Organizes Consortium Google Drive 

Section 5 – Public Relations Liaison 

  • Manage website and other social media 
  • Publicize Consortium events 
  • Serve as communications liaison between districts and the Consortium 

Section 5 – Appointed Roles. 

  • Will be established as deemed necessary by the CVDLC Board. 

Section 6 – Criteria for serving in any formal capacity. 

  • Commitment to the CVDLC and its mission 
  • Have a realistic vision about the time necessary to participate in the CVDLC and its related activities 
  • Be willing to attend membership meetings in addition to the annual business meeting 
  • Be willing to work collaboratively with others in leadership roles. 

Article VI: Meetings 

Meetings. The CVDLC Roundtable meets on a monthly basis to work on these agreed upon goals. Dates and times are established by the group at the beginning of the year. 

Article VII: Ratification and Amendments 

Section 1 – Ratification. These bylaws will take effect upon a majority vote of those members voting the next business meeting. 

Section 2 – Amendments. These bylaws may be amended by a majority of members voting electronically. 

Article VIII: Discontinuation 

In the event that the purpose of CVDLC is fulfilled by another organization, the organization may be discontinued by a majority vote of the membership. Should CVDLC discontinue, its assets will be used to pay all outstanding debts and obligations. 

Approved: March 2019